Artist Statement: Ben Farinas A.K.A. Micah Farias


Born in August, in 66 son of Cuban immigrant parents who migrated to Little Italy N.Y., from Cuba after the Casto Revolution. Father a plumber, and mother a beauty queen. Self-taught, and having a voracity for curiosity, and discovery. Micah found, and discovered influences from the “greats” Kandinsky, Kline, Dali, and Gorky, and from graffiti as well, that was housed & spread out throughout all 5 Boroughs.

The best way of defining his work when asked, that I’ve found, it’s like shopping for a pair of sunglasses. When you see them, even without even trying them on, you know their a perfect fit, but your still not sure, so you browse around some more. That’s when you have that thought, that one thought that keeps gnawing at you, until you accept the reality that this is the one. And it’s at that moment, that momentary feeling you have, that you know it’s a perfect fit. Same thing with his work you know who’s the rightful owner, and that‘s you..

And when asked how you would describe his work,all I can say, it’s like seeing unpredictable beauty in the most uncommon things, as Micah puts it. It can be a blade of grass positioned a certain way, or something so simple sitting in a unpredictable angle. But when he sees it you know that you know it’s perfect, its angle, its shape, its form, how it stands out from the rest of the world. And while others don’t see that, Micah does.


Current works have been purchased though:
Lancelot Rudolph Kettler Collection
The Randall Kettler Estate
Daniel Robinson Collection

Astro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Black Cat Gallery, Culver City, CA

Luis Farinas, Elizabeth, NJ

en English
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